Embracing the Fire

Fire Love (04 Galaxy Note - Wallpaper)

Fire Love (04 Galaxy Note – Wallpaper)

Be captured by sheer flames of Him
Who fills His vessels to the brim
With burning passion, love, and more
And wounds their hearts down to the core
Enabling them to embrace love
That flows in rivers from above
Flooding and sealing those who keep
These treasured pearls in their hearts deep
Eternal fire might consume
Grave, desert, and the barren womb
Till Heaven’s gates have opened up
And rivers flow to fill the cup
With all that makes our life worthwhile
With ecstasy beyond the aisle
Since there’s no marriage here on earth
That could display this union’s worth

Of Kingdom Love you cannot see
Before your inner eyes are free
To take off veils from Sanctuary
Revealing truth, not fantasy
Eternal love for you and me
Heaven’s embrace of best degree
Which makes the strongest weak at knee
Ignited by Love’s fire sea
Jump in and forget who you were
Before this passion did so stir
Your deepest longing to be one
And to release, to come undone
Desiring what is Heaven-made
In this place where there is no shade
To hide one’s nakedness a bit
Before the Light which makes you quit
As long as there is still the self
As most important book on shelf
Be one with who you love the most
And yield to God’s good Holy Ghost



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