The Flow of Love

Parc natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

Parc natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

There is a river deep inside
Where precious pearls of love abide
They wait for you to get them out
You’ll be enraptured, have no doubt
Approach the shore, leave all behind
Be sure that God’s love will be kind
To show you what it’s all about
And how to dig these gems there out
Just go in before fog will rise
Since Satan lurks there in disguise
And he will tell you, “That’s not true!
Do you think this is Heaven’s dew?”

Ignore him, trust in God alone
And touch the first bright living stone
That you can see when you’ve dipped in
Embrace the love you see therein
Surrender to the river’s flow
Until you forget what you know
The unknown is that lies ahead
No water droplets, streams instead
That shall flow out of your blessed heart
Which God Himself has set apart
To be bonded inseparably
With divine love in ecstasy


“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’ Now this he said about the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were to receive, for as yet the Spirit had not been given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.”
(Jn 7:38-39 ESV)


2 thoughts on “The Flow of Love

  1. Michael

    It is amazing to me that you have spoken of almost to the last detail of a dream that I had about fifteen years ago. Actually my dream was a composite of something new and one that another brother had experienced and had written to me about, asking me to ponder its meaning. In his dream he was standing along a small river and picking up nuggets of gold out of the mud, but on the opposite side were men dressed as preachers who were mocking him and telling him that these “treasures” he was finding were only worthless rocks. This disturbed him for he knew that these were nuggets of gold.

    So, this is where my dream comes in… He had sent the dream to me in a word file and I knew where it was saved on my computer desktop for I was still asking the Lord what it meant. I awoke one night in a daze feeling compelled to read this dream again right then and there! I awakened my dear wife and asked her to take me to my computer and start it up and read a file to me that was an icon on the desktop screen in the top right corner. She took me by the hand in my stupor and sat me down at my computer and clicked on this file as I directed her. I then had her read it for I could not see anything clearly at all, but was driven to hear this brother’s dream again for some reason in the middle of the night!

    Now here is where it got wild! As she read this man’s dream to me I ENTERED INTO THE DREAM and I was now him and was experiencing it for myself! As I stood there by the river I felt compelled not to dig in the mud along its shore, but I actually dove into the crystal clear flow and swam underwater to the far side where there was a steep walled bank that contained the river. It was like I could breath underwater like a fish and felt no need to surface again. In the far bank of the river I could see beautiful gemstones of all different colors stuck in its mud, but shining through in their beauty. So, I started to pick them out of the mud, but instead of putting them in a pouch like this brother had done with his nuggets, I was releasing them into the flow of the river! And as I did they went on out of sight in the midst of that flow. I kept picking them out of the mud and releasing them until the last one was set free to flow in this beautiful stream. I then followed them as well in the dream and joined them in the flow wherever the stream went (mind you I was still sitting there in my body gazing at the computer screen in a daze). The stream with us in it started to ascend from the earth into the heavens and soon the water was gone and I was part of a stream of living stones flowing up into the darkness of space with only the light given off by these beautiful stones. Finally, I could see this large open top box like the ark of the covenant in the distance that gave off its own beautiful light, but this “ark” had no lid on it. Each of these released stone and purified stones were filing one at a time into this chest in the heavens. This “box” as beautifully inlaid with gold and veins of crystal blue laced through it like elongated emeralds in the inlaid in this chest of gold. As I came up to where I could look inside and where the stones had disappeared, I could see all those precious stones nestled together in their new home. It was here that the dream ended and with my wife’s help I came back around and finally became cognoscente enough after about fifteen minutes of effort on her part to get me back in bed.

    Does this dream have a spiritual meaning? It does to me as well as does the one that my friend had shared with me. You see for the most part, those who walk after the Spirit see things differently than those who walk after the letter (whether it be O. T. letter or New!). We see value where those who serve at in their tabernacles see no value (see Hebrews 13:10-14 and Psalms 23:4-5). We see gold where they see rocks. We see gem stones where they only see mud. We dive into the flow while they stand on the bank criticizing our every move, bidding us to come back and join them where it is safe! We are criticized by them as being “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good” for our kingdom is NOT of this world! Yet we are compelled by the Spirit within us to jump into the River of God which flows down from His throne of grace and accomplishes what HE has sent it to do (see Ezekiel 47:1-12)… to gather all who are His and bring them back to Him. Some of us get to dive in and help others to become free of the mud of this world and the worldly ecclesiastic-ism of the religious kingdoms of men. That is how God has been using me since I had that dream years ago. Amen and so be it!

    Thanks, my dear sister for sharing this poem on your blog. It was a true blessing IN Christ for me. May God bless and release us all to join in His mighty spiritual flow and may His river continue to flow out of our midst to one another as well!

    Your brother IN the Son,

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    1. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) Post author

      Thank you so much for your detailed reply to my poem and for writing down your beautiful story, Michael. 🙂

      What an intriguing spiritual experience you shared here! The possibility of entering into the dream of another, which he had already dreamed quite some time before God by His Spirit immersed you into that very dream, points to the fact that the spiritual realm, the Kingdom of God, does not know TIME as we know it here. Step after step, minute after minute, or different ages following one another – that is earthly thinking. Heaven, by contrast, only knows the eternal NOW.

      Indeed, this love we find in Him is for now and forever…

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