The Grace Rap

Step one, step two, step…

This is a rap

Cheap law, cheap grace,
Slappin’ in the face
Followin’ the trace

This is a rap

Tryna stay in track
There’s no goin’ back
Don’t have a whack

This is a rap

His blood wasn’t cheap
His suffering so deep
The law He had to keep
He sowed that He can reap

This is no gag

Since grace should be the tag
On ev’ry Christian’s bag
No need for one to lag

Cause He has might
Not only at first sight
I know that I’m right

For Jesus is the Light

Shinin’ in the night
Clearin’ up the sight
Makin’ life so bright

For His beloved Bride

In Spirit do abide
No failure is to hide
So love will grow inside

Since He is the Guide

Who ascended to the height
Is sittin’ at the right
Of the Father of all Light

Returned in Spirit’s might
Poured Heaven’s pure delight
In hearts that will excite

And Gospel re-ignite

On this divine journey, you need not rap nor rhyme
Always keep it flying high in the sky of LOVE
Until LIFE eternal takes you home

Just enjoy and…
Have a nice flight.



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