Grace Always Prevails

Photo by Paul Schuberth

Water Lilies (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

There is a grace for us to keep
That is for children who are sheep
It flows right from the heart of God
Compells us to do what we ought

Though there is still a yoke to bear
This grace empowers us to share
His love that is for everyone
Poured out solely by His Son

There is a fruit that comes from grace
That only grows by Christian faith
Christ’s Spirit is all what we need
Lest our work is filthy deed

Though our hearts cannot create
No love, no good, no change of fate
We may believe that He has power
To free us from the law this hour

If we’re afraid to remain sinners
We hinder God to create winners
Who may walk by the spirit then
And put to death the flesh – we can

Do we believe that God has might
To re-equip us losing sight?
I know it doesn’t happen rarely
That I feel helpless, hopeless, barely

But He will never hesitate to come
To him who seeks the only Son
Maybe, we are at our wits’ end
Be sure, He’s near for He’s our friend



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