God’s Love for You

San Salvador/Felanitx (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

San Salvador/Felanitx
(Photo by Paul Schuberth)

The psalms reveal that God relates
To human beings and their fates
For those with broken hearts and more
He is all comfort to the core

Although this world seems to go down
His Word is sure, no need to frown
Whoever does rely on Him
His eyes will nevermore grow dim

Despite all pain, struggle and strife
The Bread from Heaven gives us life
By pouring Love into our heart
So in communion we take part

His Spirit’s Love is heaven sent
It’s coming down even in Lent
Christ lets us share in every gift
That feeds the soul and makes it lift

The only thing we have to do
Is fix our eyes on Him who knew
That we will see the Son of God
Who will be known, and loved, and awed

By all of these who dare to say
“My life is nothing, where’s the way?
I cannot do it on my own.
I’m helpless, desperate, sense is blown.”

Even if we have gone astray
He puts His best in jars of clay
Christ’s Spirit is the pearl, the gem
The earnest we should treasure – then


2 thoughts on “God’s Love for You

  1. Michael

    Yes, Jesus is the Pearl of Great Price that we must seek and find if we are to know all that God has for us! He is that treasure in a field and we sell all that we might obtain it. Thanks for your poems you share from your heart, dear sister.

    Liked by 1 person



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