Where Roses Melt into the Air…

Red Roses (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Red Roses (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Your arms, they gently shelter me
From blame, and fear, and misery
You understand what others don’t
You saw my need which others won’t

You give me peace in hardships now
You ease my pain and touch somehow
The deepest depths inside of me
Indeed, my love, you’ve set me free

To climb the mountains by your side
To bridge the gap where there’s divide
To care for wounds of these depressed
Who suffer until they are blessed

By You, Oh God, my only One
My Lord, my one and only, Son
Of Him who fills the universe
With awesome powers that traverse

The smallest and the biggest parts
Be it a plant, be it our hearts
Oh, Father, Daddy, You are Love
Your hands, they cherish, never shove

You are the Light, there is no dark
Behind the veil, inside the ark
You only see a garden there
Where roses melt into the air…

5 thoughts on “Where Roses Melt into the Air…

  1. Michael

    Susanne, this is one of your best! I really relate to it, What a wonderful walk we share in Christ as He uses us to draw out the pain in others with His great love and take them with us on up His high mountain and bridge the gap between Father and HIS creation. Keep listening with your wonderful heart and sharing with us as you are inspired by the Son.

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