The Beauty Within

Beyond Imagination (Picture taken from

Beyond Imagination (Picture taken from

When the day turns to night
And I’m losing all sight
I do know what will be
And what I then may see

Through that dimly lit glass
There shines beauty first-class
As He opens the gate
To our eternal fate

That is freed from all pain
And from trying in vain
And from figuring out
What this life is about

Being drawn with these bands
Of sheer grace from His hands
Into Heaven’s sweet touch
In His chambers as such

Which are found deep inside
Where our spirits can hide
From all nosy eyebeam
And from Satan’s sly scheme

In His loving embrace
While beholding His face
And His eyes full of love
That delight in His dove

Let us run, hide and seek
And then summit the peak
Of this mountain of God
On a path that’s not broad

Take my hand, follow me
Take a stand, you will see
All the beauty that is
In the heavens’ sweet kiss

Since from there comes all strength
To endure pain at length
Have a look at what’s hid
Behind eye and its lid

Can you see it is there?
See – the lovers who care
For each other as much
As lovebirds for their clutch

He who said they will know
That you’re mine, let it show
You are filled with My love
You’re My Bride from above

My disciples are these
Who spread grace, love and peace
On this earth and its men
Quite as much as they can

To reveal what’s not seen
And what lies in between
Heavenlies and this world
Spirit’s beauty – unfurled…

4 thoughts on “The Beauty Within

    1. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) Post author

      Mmhhh…. ❤

      What a wonderful comment, Devon! I'm glad to hear that the Lord caused you to write poems and songs, too. 🙂

      Yes, I won't stop writing as long as God inspires me to do so. Regarding poems I went through a kind of "spiritual wilderness" during the last months. When I launched my two blogs ("Entering the Promised Land" and "Susanne Schuberth's Poetry") in June this year, I had no problems to write articles, yet I felt NO inspiration for another poem. That grieved me a lot since I have loved writing poetry since my childhood.

      Praising His matchless name with you, bro!

      God bless,




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