Thank You…

Thank You for some laughter in the rain
And for tears of joy mixed up with pain
For new life that follows death
Resurrection’s first fresh breath

Breathed on us out of clear sky
That makes dry bones surely sigh
See, flesh and skin from on high
Yes, His kingdom’s life is nigh

For all those who wait on Him
Previously worn out and dim
Now adorned with divine sheen
Gleaming through the vessel’s screen

Which was made of earthen clay
For a life of night and day
Ever-changing, never done
Until Life comes from the Son

Thank You for eternal life on earth
Given to us merely through new birth
To everyone who calls on You
Since thanks and praise are all Your due


8 thoughts on “Thank You…

    1. Michael

      YES!!!! What an important life lesson to learn and experience,.. “As you mete out to another, so shall it be measured out unto you.” When we sow HIS love to others we reap a bountiful harvest of the same back. What a marvelous God we have. Who can measure the depths of His love?!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person



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