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God’s Light comes in the Night

When the SON rises... (Wallpaper)

When the SON rises… (Wallpaper)

The presence of God was a big surprise
For man who was used to blood sacrifice
As God left the place where He dwelt before
And commanded that blood was put at the door

That was a new sign and a gift for us to explore
When He sacrificed His Son who was pierced to the core
To take away the sins of this fallen world
When He died and rose, His ascension unfurled

God’s fully unseen realm which has come to us
In Christ’s Spirit alone without a big fuss
Through the precious Holy Ghost on Pentecost
Who now helps us see that there’s nothing to boast

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There is Hope of Redemption Ahead

There is hope of deliverance ;-)  (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

There is always hope…
(Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Like a light in the dark
That leaves merely a spark
So is hope not in vain
Although all goes insane

If God puts to the test
Those to who’ll manifest
His great love and goodwill
So you see time stands still

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Where Beauty Lies…

Beautiful Lilies on the Balconies (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

Beautiful Lilies on the Balconies
(Photo by Paul Schuberth)

The beauty that was never seen
Can’t be detected on a screen
Instead it’s hidden in the heart
As its most valuable part

This beauty has eternal worth
And does not wither, but gives birth
To evermore of perfect gifts
The more the veil that hid them shifts

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Entering His Rest…

Entering His Rest... (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Entering His Rest…
(Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

As long as there are dreams and wishes
And burning pain that cuts all through to
Get us killed
We have not yet arrived where
Freedom reigns
And only peace of mind with
Joy remains

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The Mystery of God’s Love

Divine Dust Disclosed (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Divine Dust Disclosed (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

You took the soul and said to her,
“My love, do come, and let me stir
Your heart and all that slept so long
Under a veil that seemed so strong

As if there was no final goal
For which I made you and your soul”
Intrigued by You and Your sweet voice
The longing soul knows there’s no choice

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In Heaven with YOU…

Susanne in Heaven (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

Susanne in Heaven (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

Somebody asked me, “What will be
After this life, what shall I see?
Am I then merely pure essence?
Or does my life still make some sense?
Where is my past, is it all gone?
Or do I still feel what’s my own?
Without my body, who am I?
What really happens when I die?
Who’s got the answers, the reply?”
My friend, now I feel rather shy

Since, indeed, I once was near to death
For some time been sheer out of breath
Before I had a lot of pain
But suddenly there was no chain
To hold me back in this frail body
Which I thought to be only shoddy
I swiftly was pulled all out of me
But still had a body I could see
That body, yet, it felt no aches
Was perfect, weightless, without brakes

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