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The King’s Palace… or The River of No Return

Salmon River aka The River of no return (Photo by Michael Clark)

Salmon River aka The River of No Return – (Photo by Michael Clark)

Once upon a time there was a King who had a Son
And His beloved Son withal was His only one
They erst lived far away in a realm of only day

Where Light is, Love and everything
Of which no human could have dreamed
Delight and bliss, no dark shade there

But one day they said, “We will share
Our divine life with man on earth
Through incarnation and new birth.”

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In Heaven with YOU…

Susanne in Heaven (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

Susanne in Heaven (Photo by Paul Schuberth)

Somebody asked me, “What will be
After this life, what shall I see?
Am I then merely pure essence?
Or does my life still make some sense?
Where is my past, is it all gone?
Or do I still feel what’s my own?
Without my body, who am I?
What really happens when I die?
Who’s got the answers, the reply?”
My friend, now I feel rather shy

Since, indeed, I once was near to death
For some time been sheer out of breath
Before I had a lot of pain
But suddenly there was no chain
To hold me back in this frail body
Which I thought to be only shoddy
I swiftly was pulled all out of me
But still had a body I could see
That body, yet, it felt no aches
Was perfect, weightless, without brakes

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The 1970’s: My childhood with God
The first ecstatic experience with God – at school

If there was something I really hated in my school days, then it was doing pieces of needlework. Ugh!
On a hot summer day in July I sat sweating and squirming next to my more talented classmates in the attic of our old schoolhouse which was heated up like a sauna. The needle between my fingers slipped more than once over the fabric and the cross stitches I produced were anything but decent. Looking to my friends, I saw that they were almost ready and that their works looked terrific.

Since I have always been a perfectionist, I felt stressed. “Hurry up!” the teacher said, “there are only ten minutes left.”
Silently Susanne prayed, “Please, dear God, help me!”
Alas, nothing extraordinary happened.
I tried everything I could, but I was too slow. Sweating and almost weeping, I startled up as the teacher urged, “Just two minutes to go!”
My second prayer was not as polite as the first one. “Dear God, You MUST help me!!!”
What happened then?
A miracle.

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